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  • Ideal for mid-range bikes
  • Large contact patch for excellent grip at all lean angles
  • 149mph=240kmh speed rating across the range
  • Central tread groove to resist 'white-lining'
  • Comprehensive range of sizes

When you rely on your bike as everyday transport, you want tyres that combine outstanding performance with long life; that's why you choose Avon's Roadrider. The Roadrider's rubber compound is specially formulated to give excellent roadholding year-round, while its carcass design provides a large 'footprint' at all lean angles. This tyre's high performance credentials are reinforced by the fact that all Roadriders are speed rated up to 149mph (240kph).

Another feature of the Roadrider that commuters in particular will appreciate is its central tread groove, designed to resist the 'white-lining' effect that can occur when riding over thickly applied road marker paint. A large range of sizes means that the Roadrider is ideal for a wide variety of bikes, including more traditional types.

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  Part# Product Description Colour Size Stock WS Price
AM26-15-160/80 Roadrider AM26 Rear AM26 15-160/80 Call for availability
AM26-16-120/80 Roadrider - Universal 16-120/80 Call for availability
AM26-17-100/80 Roadrider - Front 17-100/80 Yes
AM26-17-110/70 Roadrider - Front 17-110/70 Yes
AM26-17-110/80 Roadrider - Front 17-110/80 Yes
AM26-17-120/80 Roadrider - Universal 17-120/80 Yes
AM26-17-120/90 Roadrider - Universal 17-120/90 Call for availability
AM26-17-130/70 Roadrider - Rear 17-130/70 Yes
AM26-17-130/80 Roadrider - Rear 17-130/80 Yes
AM26-17-130/90 Roadrider - Rear 17-130/90 Call for availability
AM26-17-140/70 Roadrider - Rear 17-140/70 Call for availability
AM26-17-140/80 Roadrider - Universal 17-140/80 Call for availability
AM26-17-150/70 Roadrider - Rear 17-150/70 Yes
AM26-18/400 Roadrider - Rear 18/400 Yes
AM26-18-100/90 Roadrider - Universal 18-100/90 Call for availability
AM26-18-110/80 Roadrider - Universal 18-110/80 Yes
AM26-18-110/90 Roadrider - Universal 18-110/90 Yes
AM26-18-120/80 Roadrider - Rear 18-120/80 Yes
AM26-18-120/90 Roadrider - Rear 18-120/90 Yes
AM26-18-130/70 Roadrider - Rear 18-130/70 Call for availability
AM26-18-130/80 Roadrider - Rear 18-130/80 Yes
AM26-18-140/70 Roadrider - Rear 18-140/70 Call for availability
AM26-18-150/70 Roadrider - Rear 18-150/70 Call for availability
AM26-18-90/90 Roadrider - Universal 18-90/90 Yes
AM26-19/325 Roadrider - Universal 19/325 Call for availability
AM26-19-100/90 Roadrider - Universal 19-100/90 Yes
AM26-19-90/90 Roadrider - Front 19-90/90 Yes
AM26-21-90/90 Roadrider - Front 21-90/90 Call for availability
AM9-18-80/90 RoadRunner H Universal AM9 18-80/90 Yes