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Viper Stryke Scooter tyres

For high performance scooters

  • Specially designed for modern scooters
  • Exceptional tyre life
  • Superb handling characteristics
  • Comfortable for long distance commuting
  • Good value

Advances in scooter design mean that some modern machines are capable of speeds up to 100mph (160kph). To cope with the needs of these high performance scooters, Avon has produced the Viper Stryke, a tyre that combines sure-footed handling and agility with reassuringly long tyre life.

And in recognition of the fact that these bigger-engined scooters are often used for long distance commuting as well as nipping around town, the Viper Stryke is also comfortable to ride on and quiet. It's available in a range of sizes to fit many of the popular high performance scooters.

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  Part# Product Description Size Stock WS Price
AM63-10-100/90 Viper Stryke Rear 10-100/90 Call for availability
AM63-10-350 Viper Stryke Universal 10-350 Call for availability
AM63-10-90/90 Viper Stryke Universal 10-90/90 Call for availability
AM63-12-110/90 Viper Stryke - Front 12-110/90 Call for availability
AM63-12-120/70 Viper Stryke - Universal 12-120/70 Call for availability
AM63-12-130/70 Viper Stryke - Universal 12-130/70 Call for availability
AM63-12-140/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 12-140/70 Call for availability
AM63-13-110/90 Viper Stryke - Front 13-110/90 Yes
AM63-13-120/70 Viper Stryke - Front 13-120/70 Call for availability
AM63-13-130/60 Viper Stryke - Universal 13-130/60 Call for availability
AM63-13-130/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 13-130/70 Call for availability
AM63-13-140/60 Viper Stryke - Rear 13-140/60 Call for availability
AM63-13-150/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 13-150/70 Call for availability
AM63-14-100/90 Viper Stryke Front 14-100/90 Call for availability
AM63-14-120/70 Viper Stryke - Front 14-120/70 Call for availability
AM63-14-120/80 Viper Stryke - Front 14-120/80 Call for availability
AM63-14-140/60 Viper Stryke - Rear 14-140/60 Call for availability
AM63-14-140/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 14-140/70 Yes
AM63-14-150/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 14-150/70 Yes
AM63-14-80/90 Viper Stryke Front 14-80/90 Call for availability
AM63-14-90/90 Viper Stryke Universal 14-90/90 Call for availability
AM63-15-120/70 Viper Stryke - Front 15-120/70 Yes
AM63-16-100/80 Viper Stryke - Front 16-100/80 Call for availability
AM63-16-110/70 Viper Stryke - Front 16-110/70 Yes
AM63-16-120/80 Viper Stryke - Rear 16-120/80 Call for availability
AM63-16-140/70 Viper Stryke - Rear 16-140/70 Call for availability