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Emergency Puncture Repair Kits

Gryyp Line S.L. are the leaders in emergency roadside puncture repair equipment for motorcycles, scooters and cars.

  • No tools required
  • No mechanical ability or special skills required
  • No force required, Cargols screw into the tyre with ease
  • Extremely quick, it takes less than 30 seconds to install the plug
  • No glue to go off before you need to use it
  • Compact size will fit easily under any motorcycle seat
  • No dirty hands to try and clean on the side of the road

See how the system works here:

Grypp Website How they work

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
4531 Puncture Repair Tool Yes
4606 Puncture Repair Plugs Yes
GK003 Emergency Puncture Repair Kit Yes
GK004 Emergency Puncture Repair Kit  (More) Yes
GK007 Emergency Puncture Repair Kit  (More) Yes
GK012 Emergency Puncture Repair Kit Yes
GK902 Emergency Autoinflating Repair  (More) Yes
GV011 90' Connection pipe Co2 Cyl Yes
GV012 Valve Extender 90' Yes