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Mitas E07+

The E-07+ was developed with a goal to keep the tire performance in line with increasingly powerful motorcycles and ever more demanding riders.
The tread design is slightly more on-road oriented than the original E-07. Riders will enjoy its multi-functionality and durability. The E-07+ delivers an excellent off- and on-road riding performance. A bigger knobby design provides a plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch while keeping enough rubber between the road and the rotating tire.

A variety of tests on different motorcycles and under different conditions confirmed that E-07+ is fully compatible with E-07. They can be fitted as a pair (e.g. E-07 front, E-07+ rear).

Selected sizes are available in the “Dakar” version (Yellow stripe): Tire with a stronger carcass and higher puncture resistance. Suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions.
TL version of tires can be used with tubes.

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
E07-17-130/80+ Dual Sport 50/50 Rear TL/TT Yes
E07-17-150/70+ Dual Sport 50/50 Rear TL/TT Yes
E07-17-170/60+ Dual Sport 50/50 Rear TL/TT Yes
E07-18-120/80+ Dual Sport 50/50 Rear Tl/TT Yes
E07-18-150/70+ Dual Sport 50/50 Rear TL/TT Yes
E07-19-110/80+ Dual Sport 50/50 TL Yes
E07-19-120/70+ Dual Sport 50/50 Front TL/TT Yes
E07-21-90/90+ TL Dual Sport TL Call for availability
E07-17-150/70Y+ Dual Sport Rear Dakar TT/TL Call for availability
E07-17-170/60Y+ Dual Sport Daker Rear TL Call for availability
E07-18-150/70Y+ Dual Sport Rear Dakar Tl/TT Yes
E07-19-110/80Y+ Dual Sport Dakar TL Call for availability
E07-19-120/70Y+ Dual Sport 50/50 TL Yes
E07-21-90/90+YEL Dakar Yellow Call for availability