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Cross Country/Enduro Tyres

C18 Green Rear

Awesome allround Enduro /Winter Cross Country / Trailriding tyre.
Softer 2 Ply carcass and softer knob compound for increased flex and grip on tree roots, mud and wet rocks.
Performs well in general moist soft to medium conditions where terrain is  varied.Available in 110 and 120 size and in 18 or 19 inch wheel size.

C18 Yellow Rear, 
Hard wearing , excellent summer cross country tyre, and DOT approved.

Terra Force Front

The NEW All Season High Performance front tyre for Enduro/Extreme Enduro  from MITAS.
Completelely redesigned, this tyre boasts a new slightly softer but still medium compound, a 3ply carcass, a more open tread pattern that self clears at lower speeds due to new mud release ridges, wider central row knob spacing, side knobs moved further around the  carcass, and intermittent double row side knobs, all leading to significantly enhanced performance in all soft to medium terrains.
Rigorous testing in NZ conditions have confirmed big performance gains over the previous C19 Yellow Stripe.
The narrow, low volume 90/90 version excels in  muddier conditions, with sharper and more responsive  tracking and turning due to the narrower profile.
Highly recommended for for the winter season, but its versatility enables it to be used all year round with pressure adjustment as required.

XT754 Rear

Fantastic  performance in deep mud, moist soil, tree roots, clay and sand due to extremely high knob height yet retains an extremely low wear rate.
It boasts a supple 2 ply carcass with a semi-gummy knob compound
Nothing can outperform this tyre in moist or muddy NZ conditions-yet still good in rocky creekbed and boulder river crossing terrains.

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
C18-18-110/100GR Enduro/Cross Country soft gree Yes
C18-18-120/90GRE Enduro/Cross Counrty soft gree Yes
C18-19-100/90GRE Enduro/Cross Counrty Soft gree Yes
C18-19-110/90GRE Enduro/Cross Country Soft Gree Call for availability
C18-18-120/90YEL Enduro/Cross Counrty medium ye Yes
TF-18-110/100GR Terra Force MX SM Yes
TF-18-120/90GR Terra Force MX SM Yes
TF-18-120/90YEL Terra Force MX SM Yes
TF-21-90/100YEL Terra Force - EF Super Front Call for availability
TF-21-90/90YEL Terra Force - EF Super Front Yes
XT754-18-120/90G Enduro/Cross Country Sof green Yes