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Extreme Enduro Tyres

TerraForce EH  Double Green Extreme

The NEW replacement for the world famous EF-07 -Several years of testing by MITAS has produced a tyre for Extreme Enduro that has significantly improved mud performance over EF-07, including new self clearing carcass ridges, and wider central knob gapping -yet still retains all the rock sheet and round rock boulder performance of its predecessor with its added new cross cut knob tops to break mud /clay /water surface tension. Tested with great results at  Erzberg and Romaniacs in 2019, it has proven to be the new standard in Extreme Gummies.
Particularly suited to South Island conditions and “Nutbuster” type races and/or medium or dryer North Island summer conditions.
Available in 140 x 18 but actually fits up at 120 size and volume.

XT454 Super Soft Extreme

Designed for the very serious competitor racing in Country Cross Extreme Events. The flatter more rounded profile offers fantastic grip in most conditions but particularly at its best again in softer type terrain. This is not a tyre for hard fast racing but precise and skilful negotiation of terrain. Only available in size 110/100-18 offering a narrower fitment but fantastic traction.


Now available – New Terraforce EF Front Green stripe -available in Skinny (90/90) and Fatty (90/100) x21
Enduro / Extreme Enduro  Soft compound- Specialist  2ply Front tyre for superior performance in slippery / muddy wet rock creek and round river boulder conditions due to a softer carcass and soft knob compound.
Significantly improved performance and stability over previous model C19 Green stripe -due to wider central knob spacing and double knob blocks running further  around the side of the casing.
Suitable for Nutbuster Event type conditions.-and similar rocky sheet and creekbed/river based races-esp South Island East Coast events.
NZ Extreme Enduro Championship 2019 Winner Jake Whitaker used the New Green Stripe Fatty size tyre at the Nutbuster round to wrap up the Championship.

Terra Force MX-MH
Tall knob, double green ultra soft compound, ideal for North Island Extreme Enduro,

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
C16-18-110/100GG Terra Force - Super Soft Yes
TF-18-120/90DGR Terra Force MX MH Call for availability
TF-18-120/90GG Terra Force - EH Super Soft R Call for availability
TF-18-140/80GG Terra Force - EH Super Soft R Yes
TF-18-140/80GR Terra Force - EF Super Light R Yes
TF-21-90/100GR Terra Force - EF Super Light F Call for availability
TF-21-90/90GRE Terra Force - EF Super Light F Yes
XT-18-110/100GR XT454 Enduro/Cross Country Sof Yes