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Motocross Tyres

C18 Red
Ideal use in tough and varied riding conditions, medium soft to medium hard terrain offering fantastic grip over a wide mixture of adverse conditions. This tyre is available in three versions:- Red Banded - Motocross use

C19 Red
Pattern for the motorcycle front wheels usable in a medium hard to soft terrain. This pattern guarantees excellent running properties and self-cleaning abilities. These red banded tyres are generaly designed for off-road use only racing on Motocross type circuits.

The Mitas C-12 Perfect Tyre for wet, muddy slippery conditions. Gives fantastic traction over a variety of soft conditions.

 The ultimate Sand and Mud Tyre, there will be no better front tyre for typical wet, muddy conditions. If competing at the very highest level of Enduro and Motocross events, multi lap competitions, hare and hound events,where conditions are wet or sandy this is the best tyre available. Note, not road legal. Description of use:
The very best tyre for wet, muddy and slippery conditions, very aggressive and open tread pattern for maximum mud clearance, also fantastic in soft sandy terrain. Trelleborgs best selling rear tyre for many years. Not recommended for hard rocky terrain but unbeatable in soft to intermidiate conditions

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Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
C04-18-110/90 Motocross Mud/Sand Rear Yes
C16-18-110/100 Motocross Med-Hard Rear Yes
C18-18-110/100RE Motorcross Soft-Mud Yes
C18-18-120/90RED Motocross Soft-Mud Yes
C18-19-100/90RED Motocross Soft-Mud Yes
C18-19-110/90RED Motocross Soft-Mud Yes
C18-19-120/80RED Motocross Soft - Mud Yes
C19-21-90/90RED Motocross Soft-Mud Yes
C20-16-100/90RED Motocross Med-Hard Rear Yes
C20-18-100/100RE Motocross Med-Hard Rear Yes
C25-21-100/80RED Motocross Mud/Sand Soft Front Yes
XT-17/475 M/Cross Extreme - XT644 Yes
XT-18/450 M/Cross Extreme - XT644 TT Yes
XT754-18-120/90 Motocross Extreme Mud/Sand Sof Call for availability