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Touring Force Radial


Sport touring tire for a confident and comfortable ride.


Mitas TOURING FORCE is a great choice for all types of sport touring motorcycles. It is a perfect choice for riders who travel on longer trips with pillion riders and luggage, as well as for those who prefer sportier and more dynamic rides alone. With the help of Strong Carcass Technology TOURING FORCE is also suitable for heavy touring bikes (GT).

The placement, direction and depth of grooves ensure optimum water displacement and provide great riding characteristics in different road and weather conditions. Tread design is optimized to ensure maximum contact patch in all lean angles.

High-content silica and special additives ensure a high level of grip at low temperatures and on wet surface and reduce the migration of components from rubber to the tire’s surface during use, thereby assuring constant riding characteristics throughout the service life of a tire.

With Multi Compound Tread Technology (MCTT), the central tread provides increased mileage, and the shoulder tread ensures superior grip at all lean angles. Different compounds - advanced elastomers, highly active fillers, and silica - have been developed to guarantee high mileage and perfect grip at the same time. 



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  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
TF-17-120/60 Touring Force - Sport ZR Yes
TF-17-120/70 Touring Force Sport ZR Yes
TF-17-160/60 Touring Force Sport ZR Call for availability
TF-17-170/60 Touring Force Trail ZR Call for availability
TF-17-180/55 Touring Force Sport ZR Yes
TF-17-190/50 Touring Force Sport ZR Yes
TF-17-190/55 Touring Force Sport ZR Yes