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Scooter Road Tyres

Mitas Scooter Tyres - Scooter Road Tyres

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
B13-8/350WW Scooter White Wall Yes
B13-8/400 Scooter Classic TT Call for availability
B14-10/350WW Scooter White Wall Call for availability
MC12-10/300 Scooter Classic Yes
MC12-10/300WW Scooter White Wall Yes
MC16-12-130/70 Scooter Commuting Tyre TL Call for availability
MC17-10-120/90 Scooter Off-Road - TL Yes
MC18-10/350 Scooter Sport MC18 Yes
MC18-10/350WW Scooter White Wall Call for availability
MC20-10/350 Scooter Commuting Tyre TL Yes
MC20-10-120/70 Scooter Commuting TL Yes
MC20-12-120/70 Scooter Commuting TL Yes
MC20-12-130/70 Scooter Commuting TL Call for availability
MC26-14-80/80 Scooter Commuting TL/TT Yes
S05-12/325 Scooter Classic Call for availability