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Touring Force - SC

High dimensional stable carcass technology and a specially developed tread compound, provide high riding comfort and excellent handling performance. The tread pattern ends before the edge of the tire shoulder and delivers great stability; precision on straights and bends and grip in all weather conditions. 3D virtual technology used during the development of tire construction ensures correct water displacement and balanced tire wear. 
The unique tread compound using end-functionalized S-SBR elastomers together with high active reinforcing filler in combination with special resins, is a guarantee for high grip in wet and dry conditions.

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Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
TF-12-120/70L Touring Force-SC 51L TL F/R Yes
TF-12-120/70P Touring Force-SE 58P TL F/R Yes
TF-12-120/70S Touring Force-SC 51S TL F/R Yes
TF-12-130/70L Touring Force-SC 56L TL F/R Call for availability
TF-12-130/70P Touring Force-SC 64P TL F/R Yes
TF-13-150/70S Touring Force-SC 64S TL Rear Yes
TF-14-100/90P Touring Force-SC 57P TL F/R Yes
TF-14-120/80S Touring Force-SC 58S TL F/R Call for availability
TF-14-140/60P Touring Force-SE 64P TL Rear Call for availability
TF-14-140/60S Touring Force-SE 64S TL Rear Yes
TF-14-140/70P Touring Force-SE 68P TL Rear Call for availability
TF-14-140/70S Touring Force-SE 68S TL Rear Yes
TF-14-90/90P Touring Force-SC 46P TL F/R Yes
TF-15-120/70P Touring Force-SE 56P TL Front Call for availability
TF-15-120/70S Touring Force-SE 56S TL Front Yes
TF-16-100/80P Touring Force-SE 50P TL Front Yes
TF-16-110/70P Touring Force-SE 52P TL F/R Call for availability
TF-16-110/70S Touring Force-SE 52S TL F/R Yes
TF-16-120/80P Touring Force-SE 60P TL Rear Yes
TF-16-130/70P Touring Force-SE 61P TL Rear Call for availability
TF-16-140/70P Touring Force-SE 65P TL Rear Call for availability
TF-16-140/70S Touring Force-SE 65S TL Rear Yes