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Mitas is the official tyre supplier of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix. Meeting the needs of the Pros. we carry a range of speedway tyres to cater for the demands of the solo riders in NZ.
We also have available a range of flat track tyres.



SW-12 H-18

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

Click to enlarge Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
H18-19-130/80GR Flat Track TT Yes
H18-19-140/80 Flat Track - TT Rear Yes
H18-19-140/80GR Flat Track - TT Yes
H18-19-140/80RED Flat Track - TT Call for availability
SRC-7766 11/6.0-5 Kart Tyre SRC Yes
SW07-19/375 Speedway SW07 - Rear TT Call for availability
SW10-17/300 Speedway SW10 - Rear Yes
SW11-19/214 Speedway SW11 - Front Yes
SW12-23/275 Speedway SW12 - Front Call for availability
SW14-10/250 Speedway SW14 Yes