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Frame Sliders

Promoto take design and quality very seriously. Only the strongest, most resilient materials are used to ensure strength, performance and appearance. State of the art manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, laser cutting and MIG welding are used in the production process for accuracy and perfect fit. The brackets are made from high tensile steel alloy for great strength and minimal weight, aluminium components are usually made from aircraft grade 7075 T6511, the bolts are de-embrittled, high tensile items, zinc plated and clear chromated, the "plastic" used in the sliders is Acetal for abrasion resistance and strength. All metallic components are fully finished for corrosion resistance and durability as well as a pleasing appearance.

Some points requiring careful consideration during the design process are based on factors such as chassis design (Is the frame design and materials used conducive to using Oggy Knobbs?); the location points on the bike (Will these be strong enough to take the force of a crash impact without bending the rest of the bike or breaking the cylinder head or some other component?); and is there bodywork involved (Will owners want to modify their fairings or can a version with brackets be designed to avoid any modifications?).

Naturally, the biggest question is what will an Oggy Knobb save in a crash? The usual answer is if it can save the fuel tank and radiator (where applicable) then it is worth saving. Further protection to bodywork and other components is a bonus. Not every model of bike can accept Oggy Knobbs.

Most Oggy Knobbs kits are designed to fit without any fairing modifications, also known as "no cut", whereas most other brands require cutting into the fairing. Some bikes may have both a “cut” and a “no cut” option. The “cut” option will be cheaper/lighter and is best suited to racing use where cutting fairings is of lesser importance. Refer to the fitment tables on page 5 for your model regarding any modifications.

Be diligent, get your Oggy Knobbs now and protect your investment before its too late. They will only cost you a fraction of the average bike repair bill. If you do have a crash and need to replace parts, spares are available.

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Fitments by brand:    

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
OK320B Oggy BMW K1200R (05-09) No Cut Yes
OK350B Oggy KTM 990 S/Duke (05-11) Yes
OK403B Oggy Monster All 12m No Cut Yes
OK405B Oggy M696(08-16),M1100 (09-12) Yes
OK503B Oggy Honda CBF250 (06-08) Yes
OK516B Oggy Honda CB300F (14-17) Yes
OK540B Oggy CB600 Hornet(98-05) Yes
OK542B Oggy CB600 Hornet (08-11) Yes
OK544B Oggy CBR600RR (09-17) Yes
OK546B Oggy CBR600RR (09-17) No Cut Yes
OK586B Oggy CB1300/S (03-10) No Cut Yes
OK592B Oggy CBR1000RR F/B (08-16) Cut Yes
OK594B Oggy CB1000R (08-11) No Cut Yes
OK601B Oggy 250 Ninja (08-12) No Cut Yes
OK603B Oggy 300 Ninja (12-17) No Cut Yes
OK608B Oggy ER-6n, ER-6f (06-11) Yes
OK610B Oggy ER-5 (97-06) No Cut Yes
OK620B Oggy Z750/S (04-06)No Cut Yes
OK622B Oggy 650 Ninja (09-11) No Cut Yes
OK692B Oggy ZX-14R Ninja (06-11) Yes
OK694B Oggy ZXR1100(97-00) No Cut Yes
OK705B Oggy GS500E (89-13) No Cut Yes
OK712B Oggy SFV650 Gladius (09-15) Yes
OK722B Oggy GSXR600(01-03), No Cut Yes
OK735B Oggy SV650/S (99-02) No Cut Yes
OK740B Oggy GSXR1000 (01-02) No Cut Yes
OK752B Oggy GSXR1000 (05-06) No Cut Yes
OK782B Oggy GSF1250 (07-15) No Cut Yes
OK828B Oggy YZF-R6 (03-05) No Cut Yes
OK834AL Oggy MT-07 (14-17) No Cut Yes
OK872B Oggy FZ1 Fazer (01-05) No Cut Yes
OK874B Oggy FZ1N (06-15) No Cut Yes
OK884B Oggy YZF-R1 (07-08) No Cut Yes
OK886B Oggy YZF-R1 (09-14) Cut Yes
OK888B Oggy YZF-R1 (09-11) No Cut Yes
OK896B Oggy YZF-R1 (15-17) No Cut Yes
OK905B Oggy TT600 (00-03) Cut Yes
OK914B Oggy Daytona 675 (13-16) Yes
OK922B Oggy Daytona 955i(02-06)No Cut Yes