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Pinlock Inserts


Pinlock is the best anti fog solution for helmet visors according to many tests in motorcycle magazines world wide

Unique Pinlock Features
Pinlock is the first to offer a multipurpose, optical anti fog solution for helmet visors in the world with unique features:

  • - Interchangeable insert lens
  • - 100% UV protection
  • - Easy to clean and to apply
  • - Lens made of porous, moist absorbing material
  • - Double visor system with an airtight chamber offering enhance fog resistant properties

Not every helmet is Pinlock prepared. This doesn’t mean that there is no anti fog solution possible. Fine Vision is the answer! The Fine Vision is an adhesive anti fog insert lens which fits nearly every helmet.

Made from optical grade polycarbonate, the adhesive anti fog insert lens comes in a choice of clear or photochromatic versions in either a universal fit for most visors or an Arai-specific version, designed to flow round the eyebrow vents fitted to the visor. Fine Vision offers 98% built-in protection from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays as well as maintaining a fog-free visor.


Fine Vision Photochromatic adhesive lenses are perfect for use all day long whether it’s a hot sunny afternoon or a bright chilly winter’s day. Using light reactive technology they transform from a subtle shade of green to a deeper shade of mid blue within seconds in bright sunlight and return to their original colour when the weather changes.