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Sensi-Clean 16 fl oz bottle

The best unscented, free-rinsing shampoo and body gel. Safe and economical for daily use. A clear gel that produces a rich lather to leave hair, scalp, and skin completely clean.

Leaves nothing behind to irritate skin. Other shampoos and soaps contain a variety of non-cleaning additives. These range from lanolin to aloe, brighteners to perfumes, vitamins, botanicals, leave-in-place antimicrobials to who-knows-what else.

At best, some of these proteins, oils, and other compounds may aid dry skin or provide a pleasant smell. But they are designed to be left behind on the skin and hair.

Because they are formulated to stay on the skin after rinsing they interfere with the effectiveness of hair conditioners, skin lotions, and perfumes you add later.

Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel avoids all non-cleaning additives and is formulated for complete rinsability. It is suitable for daily use and may help clear up skin irritations caused by the residues of other brands.

Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel is recommended for people with sensitive skin and is great for children and infants. People who suffer from allergies will appreciate the comfort of clean skin and hair, while those who use medications, fragrances or conditioners will find them more effective if applied after washing with Sensi-Clean Shampoo & Body Gel

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