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UV Block Fabric 500ml

U-V-Block is unscented sun protection you apply to your clothes instead of your skin. When you're outdoors the sun's ultraviolet rays affect not only your exposed skin, but also the skin under your clothes. Especially when you're wearing light-colored clothing, you risk sun burn if you don't have extra protection. Even if you've applied sun screen!

U-V-Block turns ordinary fabrics into ultraviolet barriers. Stop applying excessive chemicals to your skin to get temporary UV protection. It's expensive, greasy, sticky, and washes off with perspiration.

U-V-Block, on the other hand, is a permanent UV absorber. It stops the sun's damaging rays before they penetrate your clothing and reach your skin.

U-V-Block is so effective it actually prevents fading and makes your boat covers and outdoor fabrics last longer. Save money while you reduce chemical exposure.

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