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Synthetic Chain Wax

From the makers of Tirox Ultra Chain Lube which, according to industry experts, is the best they have ever tried, comes a new chain wax for those that prefer a dry lubricant. Compared to the leading chain wax this Tirox Wax is night and day better than the old formula used by riders today. 

I suggest a switch and here is why: 

Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax is a revolution of chain wax technology that will keep your chain and sprockets the cleanest they have ever been. It is a clear and dry lubricant that delivers on it's promise. 

Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax used a proprietary 2-stage chemical and electrical charge process to infuse the synthetic base with PTFE nano particles. This super charged molecule virtually eliminates friction which drastically improves chain and sprocket like and over all drive chain efficiency. Dealers should showcase this product on the front counter...it is that REVOLUTIONARY!


Keeps chains and sprockets cleaner than ever before. Nothing sticks to it. It is simply amazing!!! Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax comes in a large 14.8 ounce can with Black nitrile gloves in the cap, it won't build up on the sprockets and won't fling.

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  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
80-3515 Synthetic Chain Wax Clear N Call for availability