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Storm Cover

Motorcycle luggage gets exposed to all types of punishing weather. To protect and prolong the life of your luggage you should use a VENTURA Bike-Pack Storm Cover

Storm-Covers are available for all pack and bag combinations. Made from lightweight tent fabric, Storm-Covers are compact and easy to stow.

Storm Cover for your Bike-Pack from VENTURA. Motorcycle luggage you can rely on

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If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
SC1231 S/Cover Fits P1231, PK135 Yes
SC1231/1231 S/Cover-Fits P1231 Combo Yes
SC1247 S/Cover-Fits P1247 Mistral Yes
SC1247/1231 S/Cover-Fits P1247/P1231 Combo Yes
SC1247/1247 S/Cover-Fits P1247 Combo Yes
SC135 S/Cover-Fits P0635.1 Call for availability
SC144-56 S/Cover-Fits P0656.1 Yes
SC145 S/Cover-Fits P0651.1  (More) Yes
SC145/135 S/Cover-P0651.1/P0635.1 Combo Yes
SC145/145 S/Cover-Fits P0651.1/P0651.1 Yes
SC1610 S/Cover fits P1610 EVO-10 Yes
SC1640 S/Cover fits P1640 EVO-40 Yes
SC1822 S/Cover Fits P1822/B EVO-22 Yes
SC1960 S/Cover fits with P1960 EVO-60 Yes
SC9735 S/Cover-Fits 9735 Suzuka Yes
SC9763 S/Cover-Fits 9763 Bathurst II Yes