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Motorcycle lights are constantly at risk. VENTURA Light-Guards were developed from the need to protect the elaborate and expensive motorcycle light systems fitted to modern motorbikes. Light-Guards will not only help save you the expense of replacing broken bulbs and headlamps, but will also ensure that the chances of being stranded on a lonely highway at night are minimal.

 Why take the chance?

Fit a VENTURA Light-Guard today and be sure of arriving at your destination without the drama of a broken headlamp. VENTURA is constantly updating the range of Light-Guards to fit all the latest motorcycles. Our research and development never stops.

 Only the finest materials...

VENTURA headlight covers are manufactured from high quality, impact resistant space age Zykalon CS(tm). They can be fitted in seconds, are economically priced, and look really great on your bike.

Save expensive bulb replacement with the protection of a Light-Guard headlight cover from VENTURA

MV Agusta

  ModelCC RatingYear
  1090 Brutale 10902013-2014
  1090R Brutale 10902012-2014
  1090RR Brutale 10902010-2016
  1000 F4 10002010 - 2014
  1000 F4R 10002012-2014
  1000 F4RR 10002012-2014
  1000 F4 1+1 9982005 - 2009
  990 Brutale 9902010-2012
  920 Brutale 9202012
  910 Brutale S, R 9102007
  800 Brutale 8002013-2016
  750 F4 Brutale 7502004 - 2007
  750 F4S, Y 7502000
  750 F4 1+1 7491999 - 2003
  675 Brutale 6752013-2016
  F3 6752012
  F3 Serie Oro 6752012