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VENTURA Mud-Flaps come in 3 different sizes. Also available are individual custom made fitting kits for each model.

VENTURA mudguards are now also available with your logo imprinted. Great for advertising! See your rep for more details or phone the staff at Dold Industries.

Mud Flaps are ideal for 4x4 motorcycle ATVs on the farm or for many other outdoor activities

If a product is shown as being out of stock contact us for available date.

  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
BM04B MF. Outlander G2 650 XT, 800R, Call for availability
BM05.1G MF. Outlander 500 G2 (13-16), Call for availability
BM06BR MF. Outlander L 450/570 (15-17 Yes
BM06G MF. Outlander L 450/570 (15-17 Yes
BM07.1BR Defender HD8, HD10 (16-17), Yes
CM02BR X400, X400LE, X500EPS (2017) Call for availability
CM02G X400, X400LE, X500EPS (2017) Yes
HM11G MF. TRX 500 Foreman (05-11) Yes
HM12G MF. TRX 420 Fourtrax (07-13) Yes
HM14G MF. TRX 500FM Foreman (12-13) Yes
HM16.1BR MF. TRX 420, 500 (14-18) Call for availability
HM16.1G MF. TRX 420 Rancher(14-18), Call for availability
HM17G MF. Pioneer 700(SXS700E)(14-16 Yes
HM18G MF. Pioneer 4 700 (SXS700M4E) Yes
HM19.1G MF. Pioneer 500 (14-17) Call for availability
HM19G MF. Pioneer 500 (14-17) Yes
HM21.1BR MF. TRX 420, 500 FA6 (15-17) Yes
HM21.1G MF. TRX 420, 500 FA6 (15-17) Yes
HM22BR MF. Pioneer 1000 (SXS1000) (16 Yes
HM22G MF. Pioneer 1000 (SXS1000) (16 Yes
HM23G MF. TRX 680 FA (17-18) Call for availability
HM24G MF. TRX 250 TE, TM (17-18) Call for availability
KM10G MF. Mule 610 SX XC (2017) Yes
MF01 MF. Mudflap 590 x 330 Yes
MF01L MF. Mudflap - Logo 590 x 330 Call for availability
MF03 MF. Mudflap - 650 x 380 Yes
MF03L MF. Mudflap - Logo 650 x 380 Call for availability
MF04 MF. Mudflap - 730 x 380 Yes
MF04L MF. Mudflap - Logo 730 x 380 Call for availability
MF05 Front Guard Extension 1200x130 Yes
PM06G MF. Sportsman 400, 500 (11-12) Yes
SM04B MF. LT-F 4WDX 300 W Call for availability
SM04G MF. LT-F 4WDX 300 (04-17) Yes
SM08G MF. LT-A/F 400 K/Q (08-17) Call for availability
SM09G MF. LT-A 500 All models (13-17 Call for availability
SM12G MF. LT-A 750 All Models (13-17 Yes
YM10G MF. YFM 400 Big Bear (07-13) Yes
YM11G MF. YFM Grizzly 700 (07-14), Call for availability
YM12G MF. YFM Grizzly 450 (09-17) Yes
YM13G MF. YFM350FA Grizzly (12-17) Call for availability
YM14BR MF. Kodiak 700, 700EPS, SE Call for availability
YM14G MF. Kodiak 700, EPS, SE (16-17 Yes
YM15BR MF. Grizzly 700 4x4 EPS (2016) Call for availability
YM15G MF. Grizzly 700 4x4 EPS (16-17 Yes
YM16BR MF. YFM 450 FBP Kodiak (18) Yes
YM16G MF. YFM 450 FBP Kodiak (18) Call for availability
YM17G MF. Viking / Viking VI (2018) Yes