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Top-Box Rack

The Ventura Top-Box uses an innovative flexible base-plate mounting system that allows the box to move forward or backward to suit the bike and rider. The box utilises L-Brackets that are part of the Bike-Pack system to mount to the bike.

The standout feature of our top-box is that it allows riders to fit it as suits them, not how we think it should fit. This means that riders can bring it closer to the centre of gravity of the bike or further away to allow pillion riders.

We believe this new mounting makes the Astro the most versatile hard luggage option on the market.

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  Part# Product Description Stock WS Price
TBR01/11/B Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR01/11/S Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR12/18/S Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR13/19/S Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR14/16/S Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR15/17/B Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR15/17/S Top-Box Rack Yes
TBR30.1/B Top Box Rack Adjustable Yes
TBR30/B Top-Box Rack Adjustable Yes